Our 4T Approach

Unique to only our office, Ideal Posture & Spine uses a 4T Approach to treat our patients. The 4T Approach identifies the specific stressors causing an individual’s health to break down. There are three major stressors in life — Trauma, Toxins, and Thoughts. We use the fourth “T”, Testing, to identify each of these specific stressors within an individual. We believe in always testing to discover the answers to a patient’s health concerns rather than guessing. This gives us the ability to formulate an individualized Plan of Care to successfully resolve stress and restore wellness.



Whether it is macro-trauma (e.g. car accidents) or micro-trauma (e.g. excessive sitting) the result is always a distortion in your body's structure creating stress. As a result, your body struggles to balance and function normally. In turn your nervous system also goes under stress creating a poor environment for the body to thrive in.



We know that stinking thinking affects our hormonal system and our immune system. We also know that stinking thinking can change body and brain chemistry. Life-threatening illnesses have been reversed when individuals have had an emotional release or an experience inspiring great hope and optimism. 



How do we become toxic?
Toxins come from our external environment (exogenous toxicity) and from our internal environment (endogenous toxicity). Many diseases are linked to chronic or long-standing inflammation that stem from toxins.



Testing is an investigation conducted by our Doctors to gather vital objective data about the patient. Testing provides an objective, independent view of the patients health and provides a platform for healing.