What to Expect

Discovery Visit

During your first visit at Ideal Posture and Spine you will spend one hour with one of our doctors working to identify all the stress and specific factors causing break downs in your health. In addition to a thorough case history, the following procedures will take place:

  • A thorough spinal, neurological, GI examination and vitals
  • Functional Assessment Questionnaire Review
  • 3D Postural Evaluation
  • 6 - 10 X-rays (depending on trauma)
  • Recommendations for further testing (if necessary)
  • Recommendations for supplementation
  • Short and Long term goal setting

Plan of Care Consultation

After you have completed your Discovery Visit with us, we will then schedule you for a Plan of Care Consultation. During this visit we will review your test results, and any abnormal stressors found in the three categories of trauma, toxins and thoughts. We will then discuss your plan of care to adequately remove these stressors and restore overall wellness to your life again. 

  • Review test results
  • Identify abnormal stressors
  • Discuss Plan of Care
  • Begin treatment
  • Enjoy restored wellness!

New Patient Forms


Complete the Health History Questionnaire. Email this document to mtpleasantsc@twwclinics.com.

*If you have a child age 10 or under, you will need to print out and complete the Pediatric History Form and not the Health History Questionnaire listed above. Bring this form with you to the office for your first appointment.


Print out and complete the Signature Pages. Bring these forms with you to the office for your first appointment.


Complete the Functional Assessment Questionnaire online. This health review takes approximately 30 to 40 minutes to complete. Once you have completed this form, click the Submit button and it will be electronically sent to us.

*Practitioner Account Number: 34903495