GUt Health Programs

Why is your Gut so important to health?

Your body is full of trillions of bacteria, viruses and fungi. They are collectively known as the microbiome. The gut microbiome affects the body from birth and throughout life by controlling the digestion of food, immune system, central nervous system and other bodily processes. While some bacteria are associated with disease, others are actually extremely important for your immune system, heart, weight and many other aspects of health.

How do we determine what program you need?

Our tests identify the underlying stresses causing the body to break down and functioning poorly. Once we understand the underlying stressors, we can offer a specific protocol to heal and repair the gut. When the body begins to function properly, your wellness will be restores. 

What are the gut-health programs like?

Each program is designed to restore function of the human body. No program is ever alike either as each individual is unique and so is their situation. Depending on your test results, you may need to avoid certain foods for a period of time, take specific herbs, or go through a detoxification process. These all restore normal function to the gut therefor to the entire body.